The Story:

In 1969, NASA Moon Landing mission succeed landing on The Mare Tranquillitatis. Even 50 years later today, we are moved by the bravery and the determination to achieve something thats seems to be impossible to human. This event motivated us to design a modern approach Apollo11 tribute watch- S11.

Design features:

– Apollo11 moon landing mission inspired wrist watch

– Face of the watch is a 3D topographic representation of the exact landing area

– Unique sweeping rotation second hands, thanks to SEIKO (VH31) movement, appears like a radar constantly marking the landing site

– Crown is modelled on the oxygen valves from the front of the Apollo 11 spacesuit, we select the same material and color tribute to the original spacesuit.

– Caseback is made out of technical ceramic and features a mention of the Apollo Mission

– Unique metal clasp features the laser-etched coordinates of the landing

– Comes in 4 moon landing inspired models (Lunar Mission Red, The Dark Side, Spacesuit Silver and Aluminized Kapton)

The Development:

We have developing this project for 2 years, we spend countless hours to seek for the best manufacturers and overcome the difficulties on productions especially the dial (it takes 300 ton machine to make). Each part of the watch has been refined to perfection and you can see each design elements on the watch are well thought base on the references of the NASA moon landing mission.