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The new on-line shop opens its doors and presents its first self-produced design selection rigorously made in Italy.
First 100 products are available from 12th March.
Swart has started and launched its first selection of rigorously Italian products, all of them born from the job of designers who run the whole production chain: from idea to design, from creation to advertising.
The starting point was the awareness of the ever-growing vivacity around the self-production design phenomenon and the evident need for commercialisation channels. The passion of the young founders of Swart is in the expressive power of row materials, the charm for intelligent and original reutilisation of waste objects as part of new products, the attribution of richness and importance to the ideational process, the one which makes the idea unique and original.
The oath has been a virtual and concrete tour through the self-production world in Italy, with the will to know in person authentic realities to meet, see and understand.
Together with the designers, the aim is to vouch for products which distinguish themselves by quality meant as manual ability and hand-crafted attention, joined to a rigorous and creative planning approach.
The will to enhance the value and the influence of this new rising Made in Italy has found its natural answer on the web: combining e-commerce handiness with the possibility of oversea distribution.
Within the categories house, person and children, you can find furniture and lighting products, accessories, jewellery, cloths and toys. The selection presented includes 100 design products known in the Italian scenery of self-production, but also of young growing realities which offer innovative objects never marketed before on the web.

SPREADS an original selection of products
ENCOURAGES enterprising designers’ products
BELIEVES in alternative production systems