The Cube is designed to work wirelessly with a phone or computer
We designed the Cube to be able to capture the color of virtually any surface
Paper and fabric colors can be sampled
Sampling takes about a second, and the color is displayed on a smartphone or ported into Photoshop
The Cube also matches to paint brands, making a renovators job easy
Share color inspiration from the tip of your finger using the Cube's phone app

I am a co-founder of SwatchMate, and we have created an innovative colour matching gadget called the Cube. It’s awesome for interior designers; it’s cheap, it’s sleek, you just click it on a surface and it sends the colour to your phone or computer. Paint colours, fabric colours, and other inspiring colours… delivered straight to a tailored app or directly into Photoshop.

The cornerstone of our product design was feedback from the people who use colour.

We talked to home renovators who couldn’t find any affordable tools to match paint colours, then from there we realised a range of designers and creatives would benefit from a product that could instantly and easily match colour.

SwatchMate Cube product features:
• iOS& Android app— Capture colour on the go and record moments of inspiration on your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart
• Adobe Photoshop integration —Seamlessly integrated with Photoshop to work as a real world color picker
• Amazing accuracy— Patent-pending tech allows the Cube to capture color as well as a human eye (< 1 delta-E)
• Instant-on— No calibration required, just switch on and capture instantly

We will be launching the Cube on Kickstarter on 13 November.