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Sweeping Cocktail Table

IMG_2597 IMG_2641 IMG_2638 cocktail-table cocktail-table-secondView IMG_2599 IMG_2604 IMG_2618 cocktail-table-detail IMG_2637

The Curved Cocktail Table is the newest expression of Nico Yektai’s signature style that he describes as “structural decoration”. The curved sapele stretchers dance beneath the glass surface in a lyrical composition that reflect decisions Yektai made while he was building the piece. The actual piece becomes a record of his thought process as he moves the components in unconventional ways. The action and reaction turn each component into more than just structure, they become essential decoration. This unique approach ties his body of work together into a single exploration of creativity expressing his inner universe through function and craftsmanship. Yektai says “This table was designed to be the center piece of a room. One of the curves rides up over the glass top as if it had just pushed its way up there. The rest of the table flows from that moment in a fluid composition that rewards the viewer who gets closer and walks around it.”

The Curved Cocktail Table is 20” high, 62” wide and 32” deep pictured in oxidized sapele.

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