Location Taichung, Taiwan
Program Cultural Centre and Library
Area 10,000 m2
Year 2013

Architectural concept: a lively sequence of galleries
The Cultural Center is a compact, nonetheless imposing, building.
A number of interconnected galleries shaping the Fine Arts Museum and the Public Library are arranged in different loops starting and ending in a common foyer.
This sunken plaza is hidden in the ground (8m deep), with views towards the sky and the plaza above (the Forum), through a layer of water, constitute a point of orientation in the center of the fragmented structure, where people can meet, pause and reflect before starting the next activity.
Like a branching tree, the lifted structure creates a roof that covers the public plaza with the entrance to the Museum, offering shade, sometimes animated by water¬falls, and magnificent panoramic views over the park.
This fragmented structure is organised in a grid, similar to a “village”. It is composed of volumes oriented to the north for galleries of natural light and volumes oriented towards the park for galleries of artificial light providing a window to the abundant landscape.

Permanent exhibition and library workspace
Permanent room are located on the lower levels of the museum while the temporary space is on the last floors.
Learning from the Tate modern in London we observe that this organisation increased the visibility of the permanent collection and enable a larger movement of flux throughout the building.
Generally, temporary exhibition attracts a large amount of punctual
visitor. By locating this on the highest level of our swirl we can generate a efficient vertical organisation of the museum.


Samples is a Paris based architecture and urban bureau established by Richard Nguyen, Estaban Ochogavia Ascensao and Jerome Picard.