Symbiosis (cabinet without hinges)

Symbiosis is a wall hanging cabinet, with a simple mechanism for opening and closing. It is a circular metal profile (a tube) penetrating plywood corpus. Three metal doors hang on the tube using it in addition for sliding inside when opening. Ends of the tube sticking out on both sides also allow hanging various objects of everyday use. By this simple mechanism I could replace the hinges.

From the beginning the main goal I had set was not to support functionality by purchased hinges or other similar elements which I decided to deliberately avoid. The absence of the hinges thus determined the concept of the whole product. The concept takes over their function, which makes it also more economical. The aesthetic is further based on their absence, to keep simplicity of appearance and use, and in the same time to retain trouble-free functionality of the opening mechanism.

In the process of designing I have also put emphasis on the universality of use. My aim was to give the user a choice of application. Therefore, the size of each single compartment is based on the measures of some basic objects as plates, A4 sheets, bottles or folded clothes.

The furniture is seeking a symbiosis between wood and metal and presents their attractive differentiation. Using two materials of fundamentally different properties has made me face many challenges, such as bending edges of metal in different directions. The passive part is wooden (plywood), the part replacing the hinge mechanism is out of metal. When working, compared with metal, wood appeared also more phlegmatic and dignified. On the contrary, especially in the form of a plate, metal developed expected, but still surprising resistance to yield.

The cabinet may attract a person who appreciates the sincerity of furniture. All functionality is exposed, does not hide itself from the user, thus makes it possible to understand it. It is aimed at people, who are enthused by the ratio and functionality of the two materials. Combining simplicity and versatility in one piece of furniture puts the owner in the position to decide which use and place to give it. I also produced the cabinet in its one-third form.