SYMPHONY SHELLS | design by Simply Amplified
Urchin | Symphony Shell
Murex | Symphony Shell
Nautilus | Symphony Shell
Symphony Shells |3D Printed iPhone Amplifiers

3D Printed Symphony Shells are Simply Amplified’s first one-of-a-kind iPhone sound amplifiers.

Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells don’t exhibit the limitations of other amplifiers and being as much art as they are amp, they can be placed in many different areas while maintaining their artistic appeal. Simply set your iPhone into the amplifier and you are ready to enjoy your music – just as if you are in the front row at the symphony.

Symphony Shells are the first product line of amplifiers designed by Simply Amplified. They are currently only available at Kickstarter.com and come in three acoustically-engineered designs: The URCHIN, The MUREX, and The NAUTILUS. Each nautical shell is custom-made to each person’s own design tastes.