t side table concept development
t side table view 1
t side table view 2
t side table view 3
t side table view 4

When typography meets industrial design then a project that unites these two aspects of design is born. A project by RAD (Rather Artistic Duet), consisted of Athena Dentakou (Interior/Industrial Designer) and Ioannis Fetanis (Visual Communication Designer).
The concept is how lower-case Greek letters can be adjusted to provide usability. The first object presented is a T shaped side table, with storage for books, magazines, electronic devices etc. The hellenic origin of this project is also amplified by the material used, white perforated metal which brings back to mind outdoor furniture of the 70’s, found in every Greek home at that time.
We are now in the process of manufacturing a limited edition of our t side table and we are also designing a series of products always in relation to typography.