Inspired by the intriguing combination between design and gastronomy, T Special Cakes has born in 2009 as way to combine its founder’s passions: arts and cuisine.
Among colors, textures, lines, traces and flavors, Thiago Caixeta started experimenting with ingredients inside his house and the result gained friends’ approval and, then, clients’ too.
With brownies and pies created by the use of classic raw materials, like Belgian chocolate, our recipes gained Brazilian feelings by incorporating local fruits and nuts.
The product, by the way, has to maintain its exquisite way but without loosing its artisanal features. For this reason, special packaging and visual communication were created with the same ability and care that each Special Cake is developed.
Thiago has thought about everything, since ingredients and recipes selection until visual identity colors, hand painted packages and the brand’s videos, showing its holistic character and the preoccupation in elaborating all the creative process, since its conception until the final result that arrives into clients houses and tastes.