Front view
Front-view 2
Lateral view
Perspective 2

Table ‘Elle’

Utilising concrete casting techniques, frequently used in the building industry, this table pushes the technic boundaries into into less conventional applications. Each casted piece depends on manyfold factors and all the ingredients have to be carefully put together before getting good results : the concrete local formula, its colour, the finishing , the weather conditions of the day, the artisans skills … » is like making a good wine it takes time and patience to get it… ! ».

Sobemo (www.sobemo.be) is the name of the enterprise conducting this limited edition. Specialised in the prefabricated concrete services, this familiar enterprise is not only quite proud of her craftmanship but it also appraises the interrelationships across, manufacturing, design, arts, science and people.

The experience of using precasted concrete combined with the right forms could be twofold : on the one hand to exploit the inherent natural features of the material, and in the other hand, pays off testimonial to the artisans’ expertise.
The project speculates upon concrete with the aim of throwing light to the inherent natural beauty far beyond the expectations of the conventional applications. In the end of the day a sort of innovation process lies in the middle.

Author: Mario Loyo for www.sobemo.be
Material : Precasted concrete
Finishing : Wax
Colours : Natural + Anthracite
Dimensions 200x100X75 cm
Weight 350kg