Table V – This coffee table of curved plywood aesthetics close to Scandinavian design, so popular today. Natural materials, smooth lines, simplicity and functionality – these are the components of the image of the table. Composed of two elements curved plywood, without fixed connections allow for easy and convenient assembly of the structure, as well as its transportation and storage. In addition to the main working plane table has 2 conditioned storage compartment. The compartments allow you to store books, magazines, newspapers and small items such as pens, pencils, or the TV remote. As there is one main plane for passing, which also may be placed in different subjects. The main task when designing flock to create the most simple to manufacture a product with a simple assembly, if not a great price, and in this case a minimum. In fact, the two identical pieces made by the same mold, with a different configuration of the connecting elements. The material used birch plywood, acrylic matte varnish finish. It is also possible variations in finished surfaces with natural veneer of valuable wood species, while maintaining the plywood edges.