No. 1, ‘Writing table’
Material: polyester resin, ash-wood, glass
Size LxWxH: 132 x 40,5 x 77 cm.

‘Tables’ will be on show at the ‘Cabinets of curiosity’ exhibition at MINT shop during the London design festival 2013

The experiences I have had in designing for theatre performances and living in an interior I designed myself have made me become more and more interested in the interaction between the objects that I design and it’s users. The pieces I design are meant to easily blend into your interior to form a pleasant everyday encounter.

This writing table is the first of a series of tables in polyester resin and a continuation of the Shelves series.
Polyester resin is used for its amiable appearance. The resin that is used has a base that is transparent and non-coloured. With pigments we achieve the desired colour and opaque quality. The piece undergoes a series of steps in which it is casted, milled, sanded and polished.
I like to combine the polyester with wood, a natural combination since the resin was developed for the naval industry. I use ash-wood to accessorise the tabletop with several functional elements; a lamp, a vase and a small storage compartment to become an object you will enjoy for it’s humble aesthetics and elegant functionality.