Without iPad
In use with iPad
Other finishes

My name is Liviu Opris, I am a designer from Holland and I would like to present to you my latest tablet-stand.
It is a wooden stand that really looks nice. And when not in use it makes a perfect desk clock, suitable for any
modern or classic interior. For those who want something else than the existing aluminum/plastic stands.

Tablet-i was born as an idea when I was in search of a stand for my iPad. I could choose between lots of aluminum or
plastic stands and I noticed that there were some from wood, but very ugly. So I made some sketches for a better
looking stand. But because this stand is meant for the desk, I wanted it to be also nice on itself, to be a piece of
furniture as well. So when not in use as a stand, it will be an nice addition for your desk and will have an extra
function -clock.

The stand is made from local wood (walnut and maple) but other finishes are also available. Perfect as a gift
(personal or business), it allows name engraving or logo printing.

Please let me know if you’re interested in publishing ‘tablet-i’ and if you require more information or pictures.

Sincerely yours,

Liviu Opris