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Tactile Treatment from Izzy Parker’s Intimacy Series
Large body piece (Jewellery)
materials:11,570 needles (stainless steel & copper) waxed polyester, cotton
Photography Credit: Dominic Tschudin & Adele Watts

The Royal College of Art Battersea graduate show, showcases Izzy Parker’s most recent body of work “Intimacy Series”.

Her stunning sculptural jewellery body piece “Tactile Treatment” compromises 11,570 acupuncture needles that she has handwoven into a spiky yet tactile textile. Worn on the body the piece sensually echoes the fur of an animal, the spikes of a porcupine and a meadow of long grass.

Based on the instinctive gesture of stroking an animal’s fur and the reassuring gesture of putting your hand on someone’s shoulder, she is asking if jewellery can provoke physical contact between two people.

She has taken the needles used in ancient Chinese tradition of healing and transformed them to into a jewellery piece that provokes the viewer to touch but in reality if not treated gently is potentially dangerous. The piece creates a paradox of threatening desire.

Other jewellery and participatory research from the Intimacy Series include: Heart of Steel, Treat me Gently, Intimacy Frame and Dress me in Necklaces.

Address of Show:
Show RCA 2013 Battersea
20-30 June 2013 12-8pm (closed 28 June)
Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, Battersea, 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN