Old House in Manhattan

Coming home to a pre-cooled apartment without pressing a button or setting a timer? tado° Cooling makes it possible. The device controls your AC and connects to the tado° app on your smartphone. The app detects when the first person is on the way home and begins to pre-cool to the desired temperature. As an added bonus it makes your life easier becasue you do not have to remember to turn the AC off when you leave the house. tado° automatically turns it off as soon as the last person has left. You can even move throughout the house without having to turn the different ACs on and off. Instead you can simply rely on tado’s room-to-room feature to know which room to cool and when.

“We are designing the experience of not having to worry. Not about turning the AC off when you leave, not about turning it on again and not about your energy consumption – because tado° makes sure that it is always comfortably cool when you need it while also reducing your carbon footprint.” explains Jens Pohl, Head of Design at tado°.

With the tado° app on your smartphone you can easily keep an eye on things, for example the current temperatures and control modes for each room. It also allows you to adjust your home temperature according to your preferences – even while you are on the move. On the tado° Cooling device itself there is a capacitive touch interface for quick and easy adjustments. The slimline white elegant tado° device with a rubber backplate colored in cool blue comes to life when the front is touched. When touched the translucent LED matrix activates and shows the current temperature and additional information about tado’s activity.

tado° Cooling is compatible with any remote controlled wall mounted (also called ductless or split-units), in-window or portable AC unit. It connects to the AC via infrared like a remote control and links it to the Internet via WiFi. The revolutionary new tado° device can be mounted on the wall or even on a desk for example – the rubber backplate lets it sit safely on any surface. To activate it you simply point the AC remote at the tado° device, then press the temperature controls and fan speed buttons to teach tado° the language of your specific AC unit.

You can now see it on kickstarter.