TANTOOO. The Fairytale bean bag.

TANTOOO (www.tantooo.com) is the result the encounter between two little girls. This meeting took place on a huge, round, bean bag. This was not like a normal bean bag, it was a special one. It was made by the mother of one of the two girls with a very special cloth, fabricated for external use: oil proof, water proof, sunlight resistant, but also soft like cotton, produced without the use of nasty chemicals, easy to wash and with double lining. It’s the kind of thing that only a wise mother would do, with love. Yes, because normally bean bags have only one lining and they are impossible to wash properly. So this gigantic pillow was made for the whole family, parents, kids, dogs, cats, to crash in front of great movie or with a great book to read out laud all together.
This meeting happened without a word, with bare foot, jumping up and down this big soft thing. It was like if it was alive. It was like a presence in the room, like if it was coming out of a fairytale book. Some eyes where stitched on it and so it was turned into a character, an Elephant: the first TANTOOO was born.

“Tanto” in Italian means “a lot” and so it was called due to its size ø 120 cm / L 270 cm ( ø 47.2” / L 106.29”). After the first edition, a second smaller edition ø 80 cm / L 180cm ( ø 31.4” / L 70.8”) was released, TANTINOOO® (in Italian a small tanto) was born. Then came the Giraffe and the little giraffe and more of them will follow along the way.

TANTOOO® when flat is like a couch in which you can rest, the soft shape adapts to your body and you can take naps like in heaven. You can also lift it and sit on it like in a normal fat armchair. The head of the animal would work as a soft pillow to lay on. 

TANTOOO is manufactured with love in Italy by very experienced upholsterers. It was designed and conceived by Vania Ripa and Antonio Scarponi, architect and designer, who also happened to be the parents of those two little girls.