Tasco Console 877-04 designed by Louis Lara

Louis Lara’s designs are included in the permanent collections of design museums and have been published in innumerable design and trade publications as well as international design anthologies.

His product designs are sold around the globe from the U.S. to Russia. They have appeared in dozens of major motion pictures as well as on the sets of today’s most popular TV shows.
“DIA had been on my radar for many years as a company that I really wanted to work with. The quality and craftsmanship of their work always impressed me, so it was very exciting to have them select my designs for the Tasco Console and Sesa Dining Table for our first collaboration.

They did a fantastic job executing these designs and the response from their customers has been great. To hear that it was one of the best new product intros DIA had ever presented was a great thrill for me. These designs were followed up by the Cirrus and Elios Table Collections and received the same level of enthusiasm from DIA customers. What a wonderful start to our design relationship! I feel a freedom of expression in designing with DIA that I haven’t felt with other U.S. clients. It is very rewarding to have that freedom met with such an overwhelmingly positive response from both DIA and their customers.
I’m very grateful to DIA for selecting my concepts for production, happy to be on the team, and look forward to our continuing collaboration.”

Tasco Console for DIA (Design Institute of America)
Designer: Louis A. Lara
Manufacturer: DIA (Design Institute of America)
Materials: Polished stainless steel, cast resin base, glass insert
Dimensions: 72” w. x 18” d. x 30” h.
DIA has introduced the Tasco Console by designer Louis A. Lara. This striking cantilevered
design has been one of the best received new products DIA has ever introduced since it was
founded in 1971. The design features a beautifully crafted, polished stainless steel wedge with
a black glass top insert set into a cast resin base. The base is available with either an ebonite or
black onyx finish.