Taumascopio is an art installation designed and realized by Mattia Paco Rizzi, architect/artist based in Paris, France for the Kanal Playground Festival, which took place from September 17th to 21th 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

The installation was placed along the Molenbeek’s canal and will be present in the major squares of the Brussels Capital Region during 2015.

The structure is completely covered with mirrors.

Outside offers complete visual camouflage. Inside, the installation’s shape creates a kaleidoscopic effect.

The mirror surface reacts to the heat and bring new reflection of light. During the temperature’s evolution of the day, the surface structure changes, creating ever-changing reflection geometry effect.

The Taumascopio invites us to reflect in poetic vein on public space. Like a box of delights that gives us multiple visions and allows us to see the city differently. Equipped with a viewfinder and covered with mirrors, the device acts like a kaleidoscope, creating visual diversity in city, its architecture and its users. The mosaic of reflections sends our thoughts in new directions and invite us to create new ideas.


Sunset external left back side view

Sunset external side view

Sunset external right back side view

Entrance kaleidoscope view

Entrance kaleidoscope view

Night external side view

Inside view. With the heat, the kaleidoscopic effect becomes fluid and dynamic

Inside view. With low temperature, the kaleidoscopic effect becomes rigid and geometric

Frame from video

Reflections of the installation's entrance