Stretching Chair 1
Stretching Chair 2
Stretching Tea Stall
Bench 1
Bench 2
Bench 3
Bench 4
Tea Samovar 1

Arpan Patel’s sculptural furniture is inspired by the tea culture of our country. As the kettle is the most prominent tool of tea service, he has looked closely at the kettle and its interaction with table, chair and other objects that are related to tea drinking. As he puts it, ‘I have tried to convey the fluid quality of tea, its quality to build relationships, its quality to extend time and bonding by merging the kettle and the chair into one entity in my furniture sculptures.’ One can see the extended shape of the handle of the kettle, its forward movement standing as a prototype of extension of relationships and the idea of ‘reaching out to others’. This symbol finds a tangible shape in his sculptural works in the exhibition. Arpan has used his versatility and command of using varied materials to creative purposes. He has a liking for merging two widely different materials with a capacity to translate the quality of one material into another material – lac (natural resin) into wood and metal.