Temporary Information Pavilion

The project is designing a mix-use temporary (1 year) pavilion at Trafalgar, London for various functions and events. The adjective “temporary” in this case is the driving force of the project. The pavilion shall showcase the notion of temporariness in terms of construction materials and the building’s formal expression. Recycled shipping containers are proposed as the primary construction material for the building. They are cheap, salvageable and green construction material. Also, they can be assembled on site and arranged flexibly to achieve different spatial needs . Furthermore, the metallic nature of shipping containers suggests a contrasting relationship with the existing surrounding brick/stone buildings reinforcing the idea of “Temporariness”. The form of the building is arranged in a “random” and “stacking” way. It is organized vertically to reduce to building footprint and increase visibility. It also minimize the obstruction of the existing pedestrian traffic on site. The most public areas, information center and the souvenir shop, are located on the ground floor for easy public access. The double sided brochure/flier shelves are accessible from both inside and outside for 24-7 access. Additional “information booths” are also provided at various locations throughout the square for after hour operations. The “semi-public” cafeteria is located on the second floor for privacy. However, the exterior patios are visually accessible from the ground and therefore it can be easily identified. Offices, the most “private” programmatic element in this case, are located on the third floor. It also serves as a monitoring station for the staffs. A locker room and an additional toilet room are also provided for the staffs for storage and easier access. South facing solar panels are proposed on the roof temporarily to offset some of the building’s energy consumption. Also, skylights and exterior windows are provided to maximize natural daylight.