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We are a Notus Design Studio from Brasil, we are very glad that we have a product (Eliptica Chairf) already published in Moco loco.

We’d like you to have a look on one of our new product:

“Terça” furniture buffet
We designed it for a brazilian company called Sava Móveis (Sava Furnitures)

The name, Terça means a peace of wood roofing, like rafter.

“Inspired by the wooden buildings that bring a bucolic air about postmodern life, the “Terça” Buffet has horizontas lines that meet vertical lines, a good synchronization of joinery, asymmetry and balance.”

The furniture has craftsmanship in its construction, resulting in a three dimensional texture on the doors, its eye-catching and more sensory for the touch.
We wanted to bring more sensitivity to the products of daily urban life,associating with wooden houses, which in Brazil are more associated with houses of small towns. A bucolic air for an industrial and urban product.

Imagens on the link here:

Thanks again for yout attetion,

Best Regards,
Notus Design Studio Team
Rodrigo Braga França e Ulisses Neuenschwander