Tespih (Rosary),
Arraying bead, bone, stone on a string is as old as the human history. First humans used to cut their hunts into pieces and array them on a string and wear it on their neck in order to bring them success in their next hunt.
Beads were first seen in India for religious purposes and to count prayers. Rosary has moved from India to the Middle East then to Europe. The purpose of rosary is the same in Islam, Christianity (catholic), Hinduism and Buddhism which is to use it for counting the prayers. It arrived to present time with different habits; many peopleuse it to express individuality, and for the purpose of relieving stress.
Ottoman is coming has reflected this philosophy into the lightingdesign, with many size beads arrayed on a string was expressed in a lighting body. The body of lighting and hat is representing a janissary figure.
It’s a design product which is telling the rosary philosophy, with the form story of the janissary.
Form: Bead length is 180 cm(h) x 50 cm x 250 cm