Tessel Jet Pack
Let your imagination take flight.
Modoga Photography 2013
Faceted fabric.
Inside compartments.
Front zippered pocket.

The Tessel Jet Pack is designed to help us stay connected to the imagination and creativity of our childhood as we inevitably grow up. The faceted fabric is playful and its form reacts to the contents of the backpack. Design inspiration came from stealth fighters and geometric building blocks. The Jet Pack is a way to let our imaginations take flight.

About a year ago we started experimenting with different textiles and ways to push their qualities and applications. That’s when the idea for a laminated, faceted fabric was born. But we wanted to utilize this unique fabric in a useful application.

As design students we have been intrigued in the changes that occur as we grow up and how often the person we become would hardly be respected by the child we used to be. We realized that this faceted fabric was a beautiful solution to this issue we had been struggling with: preserving the imagination and creativity of our childhood while still being respected as we move into the professional world.

A backpack is something almost everyone uses, from children to adults. So we started sewing up prototypes and refining the process. A year later we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to place our first order with manufacturers. The Jet Pack is useful: it has a faux fur laptop sleeve, two zippered compartments, places for pens and pencils, as well as a sleeve for an iPad or sketchbook. However, most important to us is the emotional connection we hope people will feel with the Jet Pack.

We are launching our Kickstarter May 1 and will be giving Moco Loco priority for posting before we start submitting to other blogs and websites. We’d like the article’s publication to coincide with our Kickstarter launch date. Thank you very much!