Teumsae vases series is reminiscent of humble plants growing through gaps between pavements and stone fences. Teumsae is a Korean word for small gaps between things. Extra&ordinary Design’s Founder/Designer Hyunhee Hwang tried to capture her amazement toward the strength of nature once she comes across those little plants bursting through the pavements on the street.

There are two types of vases which are ‘Teumsae on table’ and ‘Teumsae on wall’.

‘Teumsae on table’ are modular table-top vases. Each set comes in three different heights. The modular feature enables to create your own unique style through mixing and matching the lid and vessel.

‘Teumsae on Wall’ are hexagonal modular wall-mount vases available in 8 different colours such as Natural white, Pure white, Warm greys(light/mid/deep), Cool greys(light/mid/deep). With the products, users can create various styles using multiple units and colours. Also, an individual unit can be angled in 3 different ways through the 3 holes on the back for the versatile arrangement of plants. Ultimately, ‘Teumsae on Wall’ is a frame that users can complete on their own with pieces of plants from their garden to decorate their wall. Moreover, they can be customised for table-top use. They are available in singular unit or a set of 4 pieces.

The colours of Teumsae vases series have been carefully chosen to provide most natural aesthetic support for small plants and branches in order to deliver its original inspirations. They are all hand cast and produced in UK.