We’re interviewing world-class designers, creators, and entrepreneurs about the creative process. Specifically, about how scary, uncertain, and ridiculous it can feel – and about the amazing things that come about when you push past those feelings.

We’ve lined up our first ten guests, and they’re amazing. We’re interviewing:

Tina Roth Eisenberg – Blogger (swissmiss), creator of Teuxdeux, Tattly, and CreativeMornings

Aaron Draplin – prolific designer and inventor of FieldNotes

Austin Kleon – bestselling author of Steal Like an Artist

Wayne White – artist, subject of the documentary “Beauty is Embarrassing”

Max Temkin – designer for the Obama campaign, creator of Cards Against Humanity

Kyle Steed – amazing hand-illustrator and designer

Derek Sivers – founder of CDBaby.com, philanthropist, blogger

Josh Sundquist – youtube star, cancer survivor, paralympic skier

Michael Jr. – comedian, speaker, author

Shawn Askinosie – lawyer turned bean-to-bar chocolate maker