The Access Case uses Micro Suction for a slim and secure connection to your device.
Attaching and removing the case is quick and easy.
Finally, a case that can be easily used with your dock.
The case is unintrusive and truely versatile.
Revealing the beauty and full functionality of your device.
Every mark on the leather will make the timeless & elegant leather case age beautifully, telling your story.
There are some great features including a handy utility pocket.
When the case is closed, the contents of the utility pocket are kept hidden & secure.
Enjoy the various positions for typing and viewing when using the Access Case for iPad.
The Access Case will become a part of your daily life.

We think that protecting your phone or tablet from everyday bumps and scratches is important. However, a case should never impair your devices functionality, tactile experience and amazing design… We have come up with the solution to this.

The Access Case is beautifully crafted to compliment your iPhone, S4 & iPad. It is the most versatile and unintrusive case in the world.

We created the Access Case after being frustrated by cases that impaired the functionality and beautiful design of our iPhones and iPads. We wanted to protect our devices and have them remain as the manufacturer had intended. When we became aware of Micro-Suction technology we knew we had found what we needed to make this a reality.

The Access case gives you back your device. Protecting it in a slim, stylish leather folio case that compliments and showcases it’s form. You can now have instant and unparalleled access to your device in a way that has never been seen before.

The minimal and timeless leather design wraps around the unbranded exterior of the case. A single leather strip on the interior, subtly brandished with the company logo, serves as a convenient and secure utility pocket and is framed by the dark suede microfiber lining.
Leather is a beautiful and durable material, no two pieces are ever the same As you use your Access Case, it will age beautifully with every mark, telling your story.

The Access Case is imminently launching on Kickstarter for 45 days.