Félix Guyon and Audrée Larose, design lovers and lovers in life, are officially launching Larose Guyon, a brand new high-end design company offering a range of innovative objects and luminaires. Their first collection, La Belle Époque, sets the tone.

For their first collection, they got their inspiration from what many see as an era evoking a somewhat romantic take on a world in the midst of a unique technical and cultural revolution. At the dawn of the 20th century, Paris, center of the world, had its skies sheared and its guts spilt, making room for a new century where innovation would be complicit to man. The subtle marriage of lace and steel was progress made flesh in all its glory, and its Expositions Universelles were kicking off a whole new page in modern history. The La Belle Époque collection, like a soft nostalgia, revisits the elegance and chic of the late 19th century, when machine, in all its strength and might, also knew how to speak in a soft and poetic voice.

In this first collection, we find mirrors, chandeliers, wine bottle wall mounts, a fruit bowl, a recipe book stand and, soon, luminaires. Audrée reveals that: “We wanted to try our hand at first with daily objects on a small scale. This long creative process naturally set the tone to many upcoming light fixtures. We are very excited to get them out there and obviously we rejoice at the idea of finally seeing them after more than a year’s work!”

Every object is inspired by a notable character from that pivotal time in contemporary history. Sources of inspirations were the likes of famous writer Victor Hugo, painter Henri Rousseau, restaurateur Auguste Escoffier as well as Cléo de Mérode, an actress of rare beauty, and plenty of other characters.