Dreaming of a good night’s sleep?

Reinventing the alarm clock with The Alarming Clock

London, A unique take on the traditional alarm clock has been designed to help make restless nights a thing of the past. The Alarming Clock by Alarming Industries aims to improve sleep rhythm with a number of innovative features.

In addition to a morning alarm, an evening alarm signals to the user when to begin winding down; helping to achieve at least eight hours of quality slumber. The alarm sound can also be customised, gently reminding the user it’s time to get up rather than shocking you awake with an annoying electronic buzz which can leave you feeling groggy.

The alarm signal is mechanically created to imitate the sound of a woodpecker drumming against a tree. Placing the ‘beak’ against different surfaces or objects alters the sound making the alarm signal unique to your home. If an alarm signal is not needed, simply remove the beak and set aside. Adding further to The Alarming Clock’s uniqueness is the fact that the clock interface is hidden to eliminate clock watching which can add stress when trying to get some shut eye.

The Alarming Clock is made from natural materials to reflect that sleep is a natural process. Each clock is hand crafted from oak and assembled on a made-to-order basis. Touch sensitive technology means users can easily switch off the alarm when rising and shining from a full night’s sleep.

The Alarming Clock is the creation of Scottish designers Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray.

Founder Natalie explains: “The Alarming Clock is a development of my original design and concept launched as a university project back in 2010. Due to the amount of interest I received I decided to keep working on it and develop it into a product that could be sold.”

Lee talks about how the clock has been developed: “A lot of the success from the original Alarming Clock celebrated the fact that the clock’s time face had been completely removed and this had to be continued. The time face is still not on show but has been discretely placed on the underside of the product.”

Early bird prices of The Alarming Clock start from £180 on Kickstarter. RRP £220 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alarming-ind/the-alarming-clock

300 & 72 dpi images of The Alarming Clock are available here: http://alarmingindustries.co.uk/press/



About Alarming Industries
Alarming Industries was founded in 2012 by Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray – both product design graduates from The University of Dundee, Scotland. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing hand crafted electronic products for the home.


Twitter: @Alarming_Ind Facebook: www.facebook.com/alarmingindustries

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