The Alarming Clock
Touch sensitive technology
Hand made in Britain
The 'beak' replaces an electronic buzz with a mechanical action that sounds like a woodpecker drumming
Time display is hidden on the underside of the clock
The 'beak'
Made from Oak
The Alarming Clock

The Alarming Clock is the creation of Scottish designers Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray. Together they make Alarming Industries and are excited to announce the launch of their first product.

Founder Natalie explains: “The Alarming Clock is a development of my original design and concept launched back in 2010. Due to the amount of interest I received I decided to keep working on it and develop it into a product that could be sold. “

The Alarming Clock is designed to enhance our waking experience by improving our sleep rhythm with the unique feature of an evening alarm.

This hand crafted clock contains 2 alarms that signal each day; one morning and one evening alarm. This is to signal to the user when to begin their sleep routine to improve the quality and duration of sleep to at least 8 hours.

When the morning alarm is set, the evening alarm is automatically set to signal 9 hours ahead- to act as a reminder that we should begin thinking about winding down. Another interesting feature of the product is that the clock interface is hidden.

“A lot of the success from the original Alarming Clock celebrated the fact that the clock’s time face had been completely removed and this had to be continued.” Says Lee. “The time face is still not on show but has been discretely placed on the underside of the product “

The Alarming Clock is made from natural materials to reflect that sleep is a simple and natural process. Each clock is made from Oak and made and assembled by hand on a made to order basis. The touch sensitive technology simplifies the design further.

A striking feature of the Alarming Clock is its move away from an electronic buzz. Instead, the alarm signal is mechanically created to imitate the sound of a woodpecker drumming against a tree. Placing the ‘beak’ against different surfaces or objects alters the sound making the alarm signal unique to your home. If an alarm signal is not needed, simply remove the beak and set aside.

300 & 72 dpi images of The Alarming Clock are available here: http://alarmingindustries.co.uk/press/


The Alarming Clock is available to pre-order until the 30th of September. After this date, each clock is hand crafted and customers will receive their clock within 4-8 weeks (Subject to change).

Currently, we are only shipping to Europe. If we receive adequate demand outside of Europe, Alarming Industries will ship to other areas. Please email info@alarmingindustries.co.uk if you want one- we will place on our waiting list.

The Alarming Clock will retail at £300. To place your order, please visit http://alarmingindustries.co.uk/the-alarming-clock/


Alarming Industries was founded in 2012 by Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray – both product design graduates from The University of Dundee, Scotland. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing hand crafted electronic products for the home. For more information, visit www.alarmingindustries.co.uk.