Henrique Steyer and the work of Mark Gary Adams
The artwork as featured on Casa Vogue (Brazilian edition of Vogue Living)
The artwork as featured on Casa Vogue (Brazilian edition of Vogue Living)

Mark Gary Adams was born on November 29th, 1955, in Redding, California. A small town, at the time populated by 10.000 inhabitants.

He studied Liberal Arts at Simpson University, in his home town, and always had interest in developing unusual and impacting techniques.

In the same year the artist was born, Walt Disney opened his first theme park in California, Disneyland. Coming from a humble family with meager financial resources, at age five Mark already dreamed of visiting the attraction that would become the world’s greatest children entertainment reference. So, in 1962, at age 7, his parents made his dream possible. In a spring sunday, he and his brothers finally meet the fantasy world.

Ironically, the place that represented Mark’s biggest dreams ended up creating the great question mark in his psyche. As he was walking through the park’s gardens, he unexpectedly ran into the mythical Mickey Mouse character performing lewd acts with a plain clothes employee. Both believed to be hidden from visitor’s prying eyes at that moment, but little Mark witnessed something that to this day roams his imagination and is the central point in his artwork. Sexual intercourse in a public place, involving iconic symbols of the childhood repertoire. An emotional damage that resulted from a shock experience.

The trauma resulted in an obsession with the forbidden, affecting the thought and behavior of the artist. This disturbing event shaped how Mark dealt with the emotions involved in that experience, making damages that persist to this day. The ordeal violated his ideas about the world, putting the young boy in a state of extreme confusion and insecurity. Each person reacts differently in similar events. Adams chose to channel this experience into an astounding series of artworks.

His digital image manipulation technique has for base porn movies from the 70s, over which the artist applies distortions, censor bars and vintage park memorabilia, from the time of his event. All his composition is made with pure and vibrant colors, creating questioning and provocative images from a beautiful visual effect.

Mark Gary Adams is an fictional artist created in 2012 by Henrique Steyer, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. The artworks were produced by Henrique alongside designer Felipe Rijo, who digitally manipulated the images.

To thoroughly appreciate his series entitled “Alles verboten” (german for “everything forbidden”), access www.markgaryadams.com

The website has a video with church organ soundtrack, creating an atmosphere that mixes the sacred with the forbidden universe of porn cinema. The content can be accessed in three languages (english, spanish and portuguese). Mark also has a facebook profile.

The photographs of the artworks in a room is from an apartment designed by Steyer. In the project, he used cutting-edge design furniture, such as Flexform Italian couches, Poliform armchairs, as well as large antique rugs, a leopard skin, and impressive French furniture from the 19th and 20th century.