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typewriter earrings
caravan and picnic set earrings
radio and microphone earrings
radio necklace
typewriter necklace
caravan necklace
caravan brooch packaging
print: sirram picnic set
vintage trailer paper sculpture

A splendid paper craft collection by Jacqueline Wagner.


Small three-dimensional paper sculptures were photographed and turned into paper jewellery and prints. A limited edition of small-scale paper sculptures is also available.
Each item is sold with an auction guide text. (see image 8)

This unique range features 3 key designs:
– an iconic caravan (for the happy, healthy holidays your family deserves)
– a vintage typewriter (believed to have been owned by the famous Earnest Hemingway himself) &
– a retro radio (that will familiarize the youngster of today with the iconic sounds of the past)

Designed in the smashing style of the 1950s &60s by London based paper artist Jacqueline Wagner. Inspired by the vintage objects she has collected or wishes to own and the stories they tell.


It’s so easy to be smart and stylish with modern paper jewellery!


Thank you for considering my submission. This collection hasn’t been featured before.

All the best from London,