Machines. They’re a bit of a studio fetish.

It all started a couple of years ago when we built two chain-reactions called Melvin. After years of designing and building elaborate contraptions for clients like Lee Gardens Hong Kong, Vice, Grolsch and Intel, we felt the urge to try our hand at building automatons — a declaration of our passion for all things intricate and mechanical.

When we started working on this project we had just two requirements: the automata we were about to produce had to perform a sensual (or erotic, if you will) act when being handled – in a safe for work way. They also needed to be simple, beautiful objects when in rest, made from high quality materials. Sexy alternatives to all those Executive Ball Clickers.

At HeyHeydeHaas we hold craftmanship in high regard, so the majority of the work on the Autoeromatons is done in house and by hand. From figuring out the mechanics of the automata and casting bronze at a local foundry, to polishing till you drop. That being said, we couldn’t have completed the project without some of our friends and local craftsmen who helped us out with finetuning the inner mechanisms, wood and metal turning and marble cutting.