Editamateria’s glance turns to man, who with his manual skills becomes a precious tool of culture and investigation into the land.

Through his working hands a thread unravels speaking of life, of experiences, insights and creativity that make every object perfect in its imperfection, containing the story that made it unique, capable of enchanting and being so special for those who will possess it joining the tale of he who has designed and created it.

Paragraphs of narratives that designers, deeply rooted “Radicati” as we like to define them, know how to shape, pander, break and direct the orchestra of contemporary using new languages, new materials, new visions in a bond that exacerbates the limits of each other overcoming their boundaries.

And so Editamateria begins its journey by giving voice to matter, understood as the foundation of all things but also the “mater” from which we all come, from which we have all learned to see from our center in the Mediterranean the rest of the world, to whom we turn to tell and listen to the stories of “MADE IN”, nurturing curiosity and research through continuous exchanges and comparisons.

During the Milan Design Week 2015 Editamateria presents The Blowing Man, a collection of 5 pieces in hand blown borosilicate glass made in a limited edition designed by Antonio Arico and hand blown by Massimo Lunardon exclusively for Editamateria.

Antonio tell us a story through the poetic and oniric interpretation of the art of glass blowing.

Antonio wanted to place the “Man”, the “Creative protagonist” and the “Creator” at the center of attention, In collaboration with Massimo Lunardon, this glass collection issued from an artisanal dialogue and pushed Antonio Arico over his boundaries and his usual aesthetics and explored new possibilities.

The Blowing Man tells the story of a glass blowing man and is told by the object itself. It is not only a project related to the concept of aesthetics and functionality.

Antonio tells us “with The Blowing Man collection, I wanted to create an object as a pretext to tell a story and to teach something! Whilst looking at the glass vase we can learn how the vase was “magically” created… this is an important stimulus to people’s fantasies and dreams! Design for me is about sharing emotions and an occasion to dream!“

Editamateria’s new collection becomes a theater where “Man” is once again the protagonist together with the object, and trough the object itself, in a game of light and shadows highlights the skilled handwork through the poetry of gestures delicate like breaths.