Following the success of the collection’s preview during 2015 Milan Design Week, Body Building has been selected for a solo show presented by Secondome gallery at Design Miami/.

With Body Building the public of Design Miami/ will discover the playful and elegant vision of Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari’s project, curated by Maria Cristina Didero. The collection consists of unique pieces made of precious materials and exquisite details, executed with the incomparable precision synonymous of the excellence of Italy’s “hand-made” tradition.
A new special limited edition piece complementary to the core collection will be presented at the fair.

Body Building: The Collection
Neon rings, metallic leather, cold steel and tinted crystal. Body Building is an exhibition inspired by the idea of the body, its potential and the discipline of perfection, which teases our perceptions and creates a short-circuit between aesthetics and function, challenging our expectations.

Body Building is a fine balancing act which threads its way through the symbols and obsessions of the world today, one of which is the cult of the body which becomes the inspiration for this playful and elegant collection of unique pieces. These objects bear a clear resemblance to the already familiar shapes and forms of the world of sport and wellness. Iconic sports apparatus conceived for physical exercise, for producing adrenaline and determination, are reinterpreted with the fresh and lively eye of the designers.

The “anti-gym” which Body Building creates is made up of the rings of male gymnasts which become an elaborate chandelier in aluminum and brass with electric blue pony skin details; the ladder-like structure of traditional Swedish wall bars used for pull-ups and stretching become a luminous object upholstered in nude-pink leather with brass details and a led light which oozes with subtle luxury; the pink crystal top of a coffee-table rests on a series of hexagonal steel dumbbells; the pommel horse used for one of the most demanding and acrobatic disciplines of men’s gymnastics becomes a bench in silver leather (where you must under no circumstances work up a sweat); a series of stools in contrasting colors are surrounded by belts tightly pulled like the resistance bands used for weight-free workouts; the carpets made of high quality leather are inspired by the floors and multi-layered markings of sports courts. Every piece of the Body Building collection turns the spotlight back onto the human body – making it, once again, the center of attention – the center of the home.

Time to get training!

About the Designers
The chosen paths of designer Alberto Biagetti and artist Laura Baldassari lead them through two distinct creative worlds. It is when their professional paths cross, however, that they provoke a curious fusion between the two spheres. In their own “different ways of thinking”, both tend to bring about meetings between things, materials and fields of research that appear distant in character or remote in time and their combined approach is analytical yet imaginative.

Together the duo design unique objects, that inhabit the homes of both the past and the future. Every project explores the complexities of the architectural space, of the home as a domestic theatre through the creation of objects and installations that are perfectly balanced between aesthetic experience and the idea of a “functionality” full of surprises.

By Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari
Curated by Maria Cristina Didero
Presented by Secondome Gallery

Design Miami 2-6 December 2015
Miami Beach FL – USA