‘Nedre Foss’ is a new Norwegian label for interior products, founded and backed by Anderssen & Voll.

‘Nedre Foss’ emerged in an organic way in the sense that the products and product ideas were around prior to the ideas of creating a private label. The Cast iron candleholder “Ildhane” came to life while we were doing the interior of the restaurant and brewery ‘Nedre Foss Gård’, which was completed in May this year.

‘Nedre Foss Gård’ is located in the center of Oslo by the river Akerselva. This is where we also have our office. The main building is the oldest building inn the borough of Grünerløkka. In working on this historic building from 1802, we necessarily had to look further back than Bauhaus. It was quite liberating for old neo-rationalist like us.

In this context “Ildhane” turned into an object with no immediate appropriate channels within our network of manufacturers, so we decided on starting a production of our own. Prior to this, we had promised ourselves not to start production on our own mainly for 2 reasons: first it’s a nightmare to secure the continuing quality of even the simplest of products + we believe that one of the functions of the freelance designer is to push the limits of our industrial partners – being on both sides of the table might lead to compromises that eventually might hurt the defining idea and make it less sharp. «Ildhane» however, seemed like a sitting duck.

What we appreciate with “Ildhane” is that it is solid, that it has a lasting materiality and that it has a good body, for lack of a better word. For us it is quite obvious that it is an object of today. At the same time it could have been something very old that you dug out of a field on the West coast of Norway. It would neither be misplaced inside an old log cabin nor in a Bulthaup kitchen.

These are qualities we want to transfer onto the future products coming from ‘Nedre Foss’.

….and some more:

An eccentric bird that crows loudly and frequently. It is charming, but not diplomatic. Sandcast in GG20 iron with a powder coating. Hand wash only.


Nedre Foss Gård is an old farm complex situated in the heart of Oslo by the river Akerselva. The main building from 1802 is the oldest building in the district of Grünerløkka. Its close proximity to a waterfall has always been important to the property. There was always some kind of grain mill on the property from the eleventh century and up until 1986, when the mill was shut down and the buildings were turned into offices. In the mid-2010s, the buildings were transformed once more and were reopened to the public in May 2015 by businessman and restauranteur, Nevzat Arikan – this time housing a restaurant and a brewery. The interior was designed by Anderssen & Voll, who set up their studio in the south wing of Nedre Foss Gård during the renovations. «Ildhane» was designed as an extension of working on the interiors.


Anderssen & Voll was established in 2009. The studio is led by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll. Furniture design is always at the centre of their work, which includes everything from textile design, tableware and lighting to electronics for some of Europe’s most renowned international brands. They have been absolute key to shaping what is known as «New Nordic» design.



Ildhane is sandcast in GG20 iron with a powder coating.


Designed by Anderssen & Voll for Nedre Foss



Ildhane translates into 'Fire Cockrel'