NEW: The CHANEL Poster Bag!
An exclusively hand-made bag made of a recycled advertisement poster proves there is real beauty in waste materials.

This Poster Bag is created using a discarded Chanel advertisement. Owing to the advanced folding techniques, the flat, square package folds out into an exquisitely elegant bag.

In a world with 7 billion people, increasing levels of CO2 in the air and a surplus of consumer goods, optimistic new ideas are vital to our future.

Under the flag of the exclusive EnjoyTwice label, selected designers work on gorgeous products that help the environment rather than harm it. They believe that waste materials offer unique opportunities for product design and are keen to show off their refreshing ideas.

Are you ready for revolutionary design?

Find more info on the Poster Bag, high-resolution images and more at http://www.enjoytwice.com/posterbag