Winter brings innovations from Closca Fuga, the second generation of foldable helmets for city cyclists developed by the Valencian Closca Design and product design team of the strategic and creative consultancy CuldeSac™, headed by Pepe García.

The name Closca Fuga stands for a different type of helmet: city cyclists’ favourite for its elegance, design and practicality. Now it is also ideal for fighting the cold thanks to the innovative Nordic accessory: as aesthetic as it is functional. Not only does it change the appearance of the Closca Fuga helmet by making it look more like a hat, it also offers warmth and protection for the ears and nape of the neck.

To continue trend-setting and creating style while pedalling, Closca Design and CuldeSacTM have created a second revolutionary accessory for the Closca Fuga. It is a changeable Visor available in two colours – Red Marsala and Yellow Braun. As in the case of the Nordic wool accessory, the visors are applied using a simple and resistant Velcro system.

Fuga is the second generation of foldable helmets from Closca and offers a balance between product attractiveness and functionality, in line with the commitment to offer design and innovation in the global and growing market of the bicycle as a means of city transportation.

Style accessory

Fuga’s design was developed jointly by Closca and CuldeSacTM, in a collaboration that has produced a helmet that steers away from the sports aesthetic to reflect the urban way of life. The entire creative process has been guided by city cyclists themselves who contributed their opinions, preferences and desires on a daily basis in order to shape this new product.

At the same time, Closca Fuga offers carefully selected materials and finishes which rather than resembling the established look for cyclists’ apparel are closer to the world of fashion. This is why the new Closca Design helmet is currently one of the most elegant, functional and stylish options available for city cyclists.


Closca Nordic_CuldeSac_01

Closca Nordic_CuldeSac_02

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