The conversation is a series of eight mugs which explores the dialectic between design and its consequences.

Each mug behaves as a powerful catalyst triggering the creation of new inspiring spaces and provoking new boundaries in conversations and arguments.

The geometrical nature of the mug and its visual properties generate a pre-established condition and instantly deliver a diverse sense of expression, doubt, humor and reflection.

The project is structured into three chapters: The Park, The Interview and The Kitchen. Each part presents a different narrative to describe in totality the intentions of the mugs and their repercussions.


The park.

Design lacks of tuberculosis.

Design is the new popular fetish.

Design: the best fashion conclusion.

less Design more drama.

yeah, yeah... Design, whatever.

the wet dream of Design is the reggaeton.

Design is the apparatus behind the propaganda.

Design, the new game by simulacrum.

The conversation.