The Dark Series Cover
Pyramid Lamp/Coffee Table/Coffin Lamp from the Dark Series in the NODO Collection
Texture Detail in the absence of light
Coffin Lamp Detail
Pyramid Lamp Detail
The Dark Series in movement
Pentágono Estudio-Mx.

The NODO collection is a result of total experimentation, trial and error. During the trajectory Pentágono realized multiple ‘tejido’ exercises, first on flat surfaces then in three dimensional objects. The inspiration for this collection came from the traditional handmade Mexican ‘tejido’ which integrates geometric designs to clothing items as well as the multiple interconnectable points found in the universe. The design represents the search to find the perfect balance between form and structure. While the patterns are systematic they also have inherent imperfections representative of the humanity in Pentágono’s designs.

The Dark Series demonstrates an impressive, sturdy structure while maintaining extreme lightness. The design functions as a bridge, only using a single tensioned string in every piece. The object compensates by adding resistance throughout certain points maintaining balance.

Now that Pentágono has dominated the technique a little more, they decided that it would be interesting to add more colors and finishes to the pieces. With each new piece they search for greater complexity. They found an additive powder for resin that captures the light and glows in its absence. The process is very similar to what they have done in the past, there are only two relevant differences. The pigments utilized previously are liquids, the final color resin can be easily observed in the mixture before applying it. On the other hand, the luminescent powder they are currently using has no coloring and therefore the exact amount has to be verified in the dark. There is no doubt that the material chosen is not easy to work with, applying resin to string is very messy and can damage the skin. The Dark series was born from a coffee table and two hanging lamps. They continue to conceptualize and generate new objects that will probably be introduced next year.