Quickly compare and contrast materials.
Energy Trumps on the go.
Each deck contains 45 selected material profiles.

The Energy Trumps are a deck of cards that visualise the environmental properties of 45 selected materials. They present key information in a fast and accessible way, enabling you to make more informed material choices.

So is cardboard better than plastic? Should I be using a biopolymer? Environmental material selection can be a complex process of balancing many considerations. Each material in this deck is broken down into its key environmental properties- Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon, Embodied Water, Recycled Content, Extraction Intensity and Years of Reserves – allowing you to make fast material comparisons.

These properties are brought to life through an augmented-reality web app. The app allows you to explore, in 3D, the different volumes of each material that could be manufactured with 1 megajoule of energy.

If you want to create more environmentally informed products, we’ve done the hard work for you; from increasing the recycled content in your product to checking material reserves and anticipating commodity price increases, these cards are an invaluable resource for your design process.

To improve your material knowledge and create better products, visit: http://www.agencyofdesign.co.uk/energytrumps/

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