An installation of 200 handmade and sequentially numbered objects becomes a laboratory in which the line between art, design, retail, and commerce is blurred.

Each black dyed Douglas-fir object is being sold for $30.00. One, unmarked and indistinguishable from the others, contains a 20.06-gram river washed Alaskan Gold nugget recovered from the Nome area in 2011. It is 99% pure gold with a fluctuating market value of approximately $1,010.82. Over the course of the show, the exhibition will become less of a static installation, and transform into an evolving record of consumer trust, sale, and commerce both in the gallery as well as online. CARE TO MAKE AN EXCHANGE?

The Exchange will be on view through January 28th at 93 Mathewson Street Providence, RI 02909. At the conclusion of the exhibition on January 28th 2012 the numbered edition containing the gold will be announced via www.benblanc.com