blue protective cover
red protective cover
folded 2
Folded from the front
Black cover
White and Grey cover

Adapted to the following uses: cycling practice in all its forms (town bike, electric bike, folding bikes, without brakes….), skateboarding practice, roller skating, or even scooters.
Volume of the helmet : divided by about 3 when folded
Available in 2 colours : white and black
Available in two sizes :
S-M, for a head circumfrence of 54 to 58 cm
L-XL, for a head circumference of 58 to 61 cm
Adjustable straps: grey on the black helmet and black on the white helmet.
Sold with a protective cover that is both chic and elegant
Comes with a set of addintional, thicker foam pads for increased comfort.
The helmet weight is between 350 and 400 grammes depending on size.
Materials used: like the majority of helmets, the external shell is made of ABS and dark grey polystyrene for the inside of the helmet

NOTE: At the moment of presale on Ulule, the Overade helmet is not yet approved. The product was developed with the intention of obtaining the European standard EN1078 especially for cycling helmets, but the final certification cannot be attained until the end of the production series.