?The Foobler is the first time delay puzzle feeder for your dog.
The old Sharper Image designers got together and made a product of their own. This is the result. From their earlier work for Dr. Sophia Yin years ago on the Treat and Train, they have brought their knowledge forward and developed a puzzle feeder for your dog.
The real advantages lay in being able to feed your dog during the day a measured amount of food. A real bell rings in intervals of 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes to deliver precise amounts of food to your dog. It then delivers one of the 6 kibble pods. That way you can spread out the feedings from 7.5-9 hours (if you skip the first feeding). That’s giving your dog something to do while you’re at work other than run up your cable bill!
The bell rings and the dog needs to play with the Foobler, rather than just nosh from a big bowl. They’ve hit their original target already. They have a stretch goal of $80,000 and if they hit that, there will be a second model available that will be smartphone controlled on Android and iOS. Then you’ll be able to pre-load your dog’s food the next day and auto-start (just like your coffee maker) when your dog is fed.
Find them ?here on Kickstarter