THE FOREST is a site-specific project that seeks to catch the public’s attention creating a turning point in their path, transforming them into active elements, thus participating in the spatial structure that it proposes. The space is generated from a wrapping shell, which reveals in its interior the conceptual synthesis of a forest. This forest, created as a framework in the form of a grid, proposes the creation of a experimental and sensorial space, where the surprising factor is a characteristic feature. Fans strategically placed in specific spots of the space, generate a swaying and random movement of the bands, which jointly with a play of light and shade transport spectators to a sensorial and experimental state. Logs that rise from the floor throughout the space produce a changing course, while bleachers provide a site for observation and relax, preparing viewers to immerse in an imaginary universe. It is here where the combination between an experimental and at the same time institutional space is generated.

TACADI – Contemporary Workshop in architecture and industrial design
Industrial Designer Bea Palacio
Arch. Jerónimo Fanelli
Arch. Mecha Palacio


The Forest from below

Green Explotion

Green stripe volume

wood covering