Forêt Étrange is a decorative flower vase made of a spherical cap of solid oak that holds several test tubes supporting the flowers. The vase is constantly readjusting its position. With each new added flower, Forêt Étrange is ‘searching for its place’, thus focusing on the uniqueness and fragility of the plant. The transformation of the flower and the fall of its petals are accompanied by the gentle movements of the flower vase.

We’ve conceived Forêt Étrange in such a way that any flower or plant you place in it, the effect you get is always novel and jazzy. But most important, with all its singularity the vase is subtle enough to be able of fading for maximum ‘flower effect’.

Forêt Étrange altruistically puts the flower on a pedestal.

Photos: Florin Ghenade, Veronica Olariu, Alexandru Petrea


_kapturadeaer-foret etrange_representative picture-11

kapturadeaer-foret etrange 01-photo credits Florin Ghenade

kapturadeaer-foret etrange1-photo credits Veronica Olariu

kapturadeaer-foret etrange2-photo credits Veronica Olariu

kapturadeaer-foret etrange04-photo credits Florin Ghenade

kapturadeaer-foret etrange-05-photo credits Florin Ghenade

kapturadeaer-foret etrange-5-300-photo credits Alexandru Petrea

kapturadeaer-foret etrange-06-photo credits Florin Ghenade

kapturadeaer-foret etrange-07-photo credits Florin Ghenade

kapturadeaer-foret etrange-09-photo credits Alexandru Petrea