The Fragiles is a collection of handmade caps and lights
Each Fragile is a unique piece made of cement and stucco
Cracks, craters, and wrinkles are the result of the way they are manufactured
Detail of cement and stucco
The cages protect the Fragiles and support led lights
Gray and fluo cages
Lighted Fragiles
Lighted Fragiles
Lighted Fragiles
The particular light effect created by the irregularly toothed margins

By spreading pure cement and stucco, or a mixture of the two, over colorful balloons, designer Davide Giulio Aquini gives rise to a diverse collection of shells or caps: the Fragiles. Once dry, the Fragiles can be freed, by letting the balloons deflate and ‘peeling’ them off. This results in shapes with jagged edges, materic on the outside and smooth inside, each unique in diameter and imperfections: cracks, craters, valleys, chips, wrinkles. The Fragiles cover the whole palette of neutral tones. The collection combines the unexpected and poetic fragility of cement and stucco with sturdy metal profiles hand made in Italy, which fulfill two functions: protecting the Fragiles and supporting leds. The light is thrown back by the inner surface of the shells, or passes through the slits and cracks, and over the irregularly toothed margins. Matching the profiles in black, white, grey and fluorescent, you will be able to get coordinating or contrasting combinations and effects.