butterfly ring
ears ring
eye "k" earrings
hand earrings
it blinks ring
it's moving ring
eyes earrings
fawn ring
leg earrings
here i am lamp

The Freaks is a jewelry collection made of useless, abandoned, ordinary, old dolls. The Freaks give dolls a chance for a second life in a slightly different form. Useless toys are being used in a different manner and get a new quality and meaning. Various doll parts combined with silver make up original jewelry creatures. Thanks to the variety of dolls, the new objects are unique and differ from each other regarding the color of the eyes, eyelashes, the shape of arms, and legs.
The collection comprises of earrings, rings and lamps. In the presented earrings and in a IT BLINKS ring, the doll eyes that open and close were used. The form of the jewelry is controversial; it in a way refers to the deformities of human body and freaks of nature. The final effect when wearing THE FREAKS collection is the combination of human body with plastic doll parts whose forms are to reflect humans. New objects, including interior design elements, will be regularly added to the collection.