Chairs always wait for someone sit on them, and give all of their body to us whoever sit on their body. It seems like ‘The giving tree’. So I designed ‘The giving chair’.

This chair is for one but when guests(friends or family) come this chair, the chair gives sits and a table for their comfortable rest by sharing his body. This chair separate their body to use sit cushions. And the rest of chair can be used to a tea table.

In modern society, singles are increasing. This chair instill the expectation to singles who living in a small space. In narrow space, ‘the giving chair’ instead of big sofa will give more space. And when we need many sits, ‘the giving chair’ provides many sits and a table.


The giving chair (main)

This chair composed with a tea table and sit cushions.

The giving chair’s shape is motivated by tree trunk.

Peel off chair cover and it can use for chair.

Peel off chair cover completely, and it can use for tea table.

Detail : the cover storages sit cushions and buttons hold the shape of chair.

Detail : sit cushions in the cover.

One chair can give rest place(many sits and a table).

concept illust.