The Heart of Bruno Wizard Cupboard
The Heart of Bruno Wizard Cupboard

We think our new punk pop-up marketing experience is cool… and it worked!

We helped director Elisabeth Rasmussen sell-out her debut film 3 weeks early at the recent East London Film Festival.

“If you knew what I’d been through in the last few years, then you’d most probably want to move into the cupboard with me” – Bruno Wizard

Bruno Wizard is an old punk from the 70’s who never sold out and followed his heart at all costs. The Heart of Bruno Wizard, a new documentary film about his life, follows Bruno as he gets his life back on track. After being homeless, Bruno moves into an East London flat, where he insists on sleeping in his cupboard rather than his bed.

To promote the film we recreated his cupboard in London’s smallest art gallery on Redchurch Street. Over the course of a week, Bruno Wizard lived, performed his art, and connected with the public. When Bruno couldn’t be there in person, a life-sized projection took his place. The installation helped raise awareness for the film, which consequently became the fastest-selling film at the East End Film Festival, selling out three weeks in advance.

The film has now been invited to participate in upcoming film festivals in New York and Europe.