In modern furnishing the side table has largely been a second thought. Often seen as a supporting piece to larger, more “substantial” furniture it has yet to be allowed to live on its own. This is where the Honeycomb Table differs. Yes, it is a side table, but no it is not an afterthought. It instantly draws attention to itself with its sleek design and robust craftsmanship. It is a small table with enough character to be the centerpiece of a room.
The table began during a design studio at Rhode Island School of Design with drawings and paintings of natural objects under magnification, which formed an understanding of the geometric form of honeycombs. Inspired by Middle Eastern pattern design and the materiality of the Arts and Crafts movement, these two-dimensional designs were adapted to a nine-layered table. The table was designed digitally to be precisely cut out of veneered hardwood plywood with a computer-controlled router. The prototype was cut using a laser and thus the sides are burnt black. The use of plywood instead of solid hardwood gives the table surprising strength for a seemingly delicate structure and adds to the layering effect of the table.
Production of this table will differ from commonly available furniture for the designer will also be the builder. This means that each piece will receive extra care and will not ship until it is perfect.
The table has been prototyped and the design is ready to go into production, but one thing is missing.: committed backers who love the table as much. For those who enjoy the table enough to pledge money to support production, substantial discounts on the price of the table and a limited run Honeycomb Serving Tray are being offered. Please visit the project’s Kickstarter page today to learn more.